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owian's p3 monster people au had me so excited about two of my favorite things being combined together that i could finally sit down n draw!!


Hello everyone! Seraphim Entertainment is happy to show off more official artwork for Pizz’Amore! 

Say hello to another wonderful companion “Dougha!” Voiced by Cayla Martin, she is one of the main characters is Pizz’Amore, and is here to help you out! Look at how cute she is! 

Remember to stay tuned this week as we will be showing more artwork and we’ll also announce the RELEASE DATE this weekend! Stay tuned!



this took us a little while but, here it is!! the persona 3 mbti chart made by me and marmar!!

we had a lot of fun discussing who would be what and she had a lot of fun making the graphics, so we hope you enjoy it at least! they may not be 100% accurate and you may disagree, but we’re happy with what we decided for everyone.

* in regards to the protags, we chose what we thought fit best based on interpretation of them! that’s all.

larger image
take the test here

i woke up to see that a lot of you really enjoyed this, so thank you guys a lot!


i love the internet


ppl are always like “no game is perfect you can’t please EVERYbody” but when was the last time you heard a motherfucker complain about portal



Hello, Ichigo here!! I just wanted to make a post regarding a new game I’ve been independently developing on-and-off since around mid Spring of this year! *_*

it will be a story-oriented adventure game featuring old and new original characters of mine, as well as custom graphics!

you can read more about it using the navigational sidebar on, and as always, questions/feedback are welcomed! feel free to follow for upcoming news, too!

Thank you VERY much for looking! ♥♥

my main tumblr blog is dead HAHAHA SORRY but I thought I’d notify followers of this! ^o^


I was feeling down so i drew some cute boys with flower crowns! 

(all three together)


Wow this R18 game by magichouse named “Ai no Uta” has such FABULOUS art I can’t even.*o* All those commercial games with substandard art should learn from them! Since they are a small dj company the game isn’t voiced, sadly, but the graphics are really pro-level! <333

This game is available to buy on DLsite english, which means you can pay and download the game easily, no shipping cost required. I wonder…if Pony-pochet becomes successful with ozmafia maybe games like these would get localized too? A girl can dream~

Ozmafia!! –– Licensed!



Last week at Anime Expo we also announced our new partnership with Poni-Pachet for our very first otome game, Ozmafia!!

Ozmafia!! follows the tale of Fuuka, a girl with amnesia who doesn’t remember her own name, after she’s rescued from the streets by members of the Oz family mafia. She begins trying to do her best in this dangerous city where several different rival mafia gangs are constantly at war for control and territory.

As Fuuka tries to make do for herself amidst this danger, what fate lies in store for her? Will she grow close to one of the members of another faction? Will she fall in love with a member of the Oz family and face a love-triangle over her affections? The choice is yours!

We’ll be aiming to get Ozmafia!! on Steam since it is an all ages title.


Persona 3 Princess doodles (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Trying to get back into drawing isn’t easy…